Welcome to The Arbor Consort!

“Who are you?”

We are The Arbor Consort, a non-profit musical performance group.

“What do you do?”

We perform Renaissance and Victorian era a capella music in full garb (a.k.a old-timy clothes) for a variety of events including the Michigan Renaissance Festival, private parties, holiday celebrations, and much more.

“Sounds great! How do I join up?”

It does, doesn’t it? We’re always happy to add new members to our ranks! We take all voice parts and our members come from a wide range of musical backgrounds, from classically trained to shower-crooners. If you are interested in joining just fill out this quick new member form and we’ll reach out to you. You can also contact director@thearborconsort.org or president@thearborconsort.org if you have any questions.

“How do I hire you for my event?”

Glad you asked! For all booking inquiries, please contact gigmeister@thearborconsort.org